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Ten Steps to become a Non-Smoker Program

The Ten Steps to become a Non-Smoker hypnosis make up a unique approach to helping people who no longer want to smoke.

But this program does not get you to stop smoking.

Indeed, it encourages you to smoke right through the program.


Because this is not a how to stop smoking program.

It is a how to become a non-smoker program - and a non-smoker is someone for whom smoking is just not relevant.

So when you start this program you given instructions that you are to continue smoking throughout. And you are encouraged that when you no longer want to smoke, then you can stop smoking while you continue with the program.

Step by step, as you are taken through the program, you unhook each and everyone of the unconscious connections that keeps the smoking habit in place.

And you don't know and your therapist don't know whether you will no longer want to smoke after the first, or the second, or another part of the program.

The Ten Steps to become a Non-Smoker program is intended to be used as an integrated program and are available at a package discounted rate.

Here's how the program is put together:

Step One - How you are being brainwashed
This step clarifies how certain beliefs can hold smoking in place and how smoking dictates to the smoker. In the pre-talk you learn (all over again) the essential facts about the impact of smoking.

A simple relaxation induction leads you into a state of receptivity where you will be helped to begin to understand how you are being hoodwinked into ignoring these facts. Once you've seen through the trick, you can't be tricked any more.

Step Two - The parasite and the host
This step dispenses with pre-talk and relies on the immediate introduction of a powerful metaphor to engage the unconscious mind and induce trance.

The aim of the metaphor is to help you to become more objective about the true nature of the relationship between you and your cigarettes. The choice is then put before you and lead you hypnotically through the long term outcomes of your choices.

Step Three - An abusive relationship
In Step Three you will be taken through a longer induction process, allowing you to become really deeply entranced before leading you into a different metaphorical representation of what has been happening between them and cigarettes.

The emotional power of this metaphor is used to inspire you to break out of the grip of smoking once and for all and to build up determination not to fall for tobacco in future.

Step Four - When smoking starts to squeeze
The When smoking starts to squeeze step then takes a different tack, leaving aside the more emotional impact of Steps Two and Three and leading you to focus on a simpler, pragmatic view of their smoking history. And that smoking history is in the past because it belongs to the past and has been outgrown.

Step Five - Breaking the chains that bind
A paradoxical induction gently moves you into a deep hypnotic trance, where the apparently 'unbreakable' links between smoking and other activities and situations come under the spotlight of true understanding.

And that sharp bright light reveals that these links, which look so solid, are fine as gossamer. As you begin to break through the links, you will be future paced to rehearse experiences of being utterly free of such associations.

Step Six - Living under a dictatorship
In this step the trance induction builds upon the expectation that the work already done has begun to bear fruit (whether or not the client has now stopped smoking) and can be acknowledged in the body.

Two new metaphors are brought into play to inspire you to focus your rebellion in the right direction and to realize that, even when your smoking habit seemed all consuming, it was only a tiny part of you that was really collaborating. Which means that the rest of you is standing ready to support the rebellion.

Step Seven - Freedom from fear
The powerful metaphors used in Step Six are deployed to propel you hypnotically away from your previous smoking life style, discovering the joys of experiencing health and fitness once more.

But that's not all. At the same time you will be helped to arm yourself against the lies and trickery that might lie in wait to tempt you back, so you cannot be ambushed. Ready for anything, you can really experience smoking as something that is past.

Step Eight - Living free
Step Eight of the Ten Steps to become a Non-Smoker is devoted to the future. In this step you will be lead to focus on a series of individual beneficial experiences that will come your way as a result of leaving smoking behind. Each one is evoked in great sensory detail, and rehearsed at an unconscious level to embed it deeply in the psyche as a natural part of daily functioning - where the thought of smoking just does not arise.

Step Nine - Avoiding weight gain
It's important to address the fears of those who want to make a change, and many smokers fear that if they stop smoking they will gain weight. So the Avoiding weight gain hypnosis script is a very important part of this program.

A clear and practical pre-talk (which is also full of embedded therapeutic suggestions) explains why being free of nicotine doesn't have to equal weight gain and why in fact the ex-smoker will become slimmer (if they need to) as well as stronger, fitter and of course healthier.

Those natural consequences are then made the basis of the induction of trance where the everyday practical world is left behind for a wonderful energizing metaphor. Without even knowing it, you will begin to deploy this energy to activate your body in naturally health-giving ways.

Step Ten - The whole story
This is the best bit. No more precepts, no practical tips, no psychological tweaking. Just a story. And the unconscious mind loves nothing more than a story. So as you drift off into that other world that is seemingly so far from the everyday, the hypnotic metaphorical blueprint of all the patterns that have been learned during the program is laid down in the unconscious mind.

You don't have to do anything. Except listen and enjoy.

When purchased as a package you save 15% on your cost if paid per visit,

20% if paid full in advance.

For more details in how to save on this program please call (770) 820-7152





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