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    Life Coaching is different for each person.  My approach is to help you become who you think you are and to agree on a conscious and subconscious level. Most coaching reaches the conscious mind, which makes up 12% of your mind power. My approach through the use of hypnotherapy is to sync the 88% of your subconscious mind power with the desires of your conscious mind or vice versa. You can have totally different beliefs consciously and subconsciously, and my goal is to help you bridge those beliefs which are best for you. This is one of the reasons it is so powerful. Is it time for you to have some direct and personal support?

Your Investment:

   Life Coaching is for those people who want to create major changes in their life. The program is more than just a weekend workshop; it is a significant investment in yourself and your future.

   If this feels like the right next step for you please complete the short questionnaire below and submit it to start the process. I will then be in touch shortly to arrange a time for us to chat about working together.


(* The use of Hypnotherapy is always at the discretion of the client. However any effective coaching will involve some sort of relaxation techniques)


 The areas of life coaching we specialize in are:
  Spiritual Career
  Relationship Performance

Schedule an appointment today by calling (770) 820-7152 Monday Friday 9am 9pm EST.

Saturday 9am - 3pm EST.


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